We all know how crucial Instagram has become for us; it has taken branding, selling, networking to whole next level. Have you encountered a situation where you get error message like “ An Unknown Network Error Has Occurred.” It is the Instagram network error that mostly occurs when you login into your account or view page insight.

Before you lose the control or get panic, we recommend you to follow methods to get rid of it. Try out every way given in our blog unless issue gets resolved.

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Check the internet connection

Web affiliation also makes this error to occur. The failure is most likely to occur due to insufficient internet speed. Consider switching your connection from wifi to mobile network and vice versa. You can also consider restarting the router and turn it on after five minutes. The problem will get fixed if it is associated with wifi router.

The simplest solution will be changing internet connection and logging again to another network.

Restart device

The simplest way to get rid of the Instagram network error is to restart your mobile. Long press the power button until it resets itself. Hopefully, the problem will get fixed by this method. If it persists try following the other ways highlighted below in the article.

Clear data or catch of the app

Most of the time,purported catch file make this error to pop out while you login or view page insight. The simplest method is to remove the app catch to get your Instagram back in functioning mode. Simply go to application from the setting menu. Look for theInstagram application and then click on the clear catch button. Now, login again from the device. It will surely work again.

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Check date and time

If the date and time of the mobile device has not set correctly, it is more likely you’d see Instgarm unknown network popping out of your screen. Open the setting on your mobile device and choose date and time section to rectify the error. Moreover, you can reset the date and time to automatic.

Update the app

Consider updating the app; most of the time users get their problem fixed just updating Instagram app. The update more likely to fix Instagram’s unknown network error and many other bugs.

Reinstall the app

If the error does not resolve by updating the app, uninstall, and then re-install the app to get rid of this Instagram error.